Our Services

Quinn Public Affairs offers a full range of public and government relations services to support your strategy and help you realize your desired result. We can provide:

Issues Management Advice

Issues management is the ability to anticipate and plan ways around challenges to your strategy. At QPA, our depth of experience and breadth of contacts provide us with the instincts and information we need to create strategies that manage potential obstacles to your success and maintain your reputation. We will work with you to identity the key issues that inform your strategy and to create a QPA Issues Management Book to ensure you stay in control of your message.

Government Relations Plans

QPA’s Principal and Associates have decades of experience working in Ministers’ Offices, national Indigenous organizations, or as senior officials within the federal government. QPA draws on that experience and those networks to provide you with the best advice on who to meet at what level and with the most strategic approach. QPA won’t waste your time on meetings that don’t produce results.

Strategic Communications Plans

QPA will collaborate with you to craft a communications strategy to clarify your message and identify your strategic edge, helping you ensure your story gets heard by the right people at the right time. We work with you so that it’s your voice, your story, told your way.

Media Relations Training

Together with you and your community or organization, QPA will ensure you are trained and have the most current tools at your disposal so that you are ready to speak to your issues to media, politicians, bureaucrats, or other powerbrokers. Our rigorous Media Relations Training program will run you through various scenarios to hone your skills. This, coupled with the QPA Edge Issues Management Book approach, ensures you are ready to act as a spokesperson anytime, anywhere, under any circumstance. 

Media Relations

When you just need to get your message out fast to a wider audience, Quinn Public Affairs can provide a full set of media relations services – from crafting a media relations plan, to writing press releases that get attention, to arranging media events and technical briefings. 

Video Production

QPA has worked with many communities and organizations to create professional quality videos for use in community meetings, in government relations plans, or as a key element in a social media campaign. Depending on your strategic need, we can offer a full service – from scripting to filming to post-production – or we can simply arrange to video record your media conference or community event.