The QPA Edge

A strategy that reflects who you are

Quinn Public Affairs is unique among government relations firms in Ottawa because we really do put the client first.

  1. We work closely with you, the client, to develop your unique strategy that puts you in control of your message.
  2. We keep our overhead down so that you pay for work for you, not a fancy office for us. We charge a daily rate, so you only pay for when we are working. Nothing more. 

Every client is different. That’s why at QPA we take the time to get to know and understand your needs and capacities at a deep level so that your strategy reflects who you are. To keep clients up-to-date, QPA monitors and analyzes First Nation, Inuit, territorial, federal, provincial, and municipal:

QPA then supplies the necessary information to you, the client, to support real-time communication and advocacy strategies that further your interests. 

QPA knows that to successfully navigate the political and bureaucratic culture in Ottawa, you need to be up-to-date and ready to speak to your issues at a moment’s notice. Working with QPA, we’ll work with you to put together your unique Issues Management Book so that you can speak to bureaucrats, politicians and media authoritatively and effectively at any time.